Creating Relative Layout for Android Apps

Relative Layout is the most flexible layout in Android. This layout manager uses a policy where the container places its Views relative to other Views. We can implement, using this layout manager, very complex UI structures. Relative Layout implements some view attributes that we can use to place the View. …

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Creating Table Layout for Android Apps

table layout

Table Layout is layout manager that disposes its children in a table, grouping them in rows and columns. For example, using the layout shown below, we create two different rows holding two cells. We used as TableLayout child the TableRow, which represents a row inside the table. Running an app with …

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Creating Linear Layout for Android Apps

Linear Layout is the simplest Layout manager. This layout disposes its children vertically or horizontally depending on the orientation parameter. To define this layout in XML, we can use: The orientation attribute is the most important attribute because it determines how views are placed. It can assume two values: horizontal or …

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Android Layouts with View Groups


We talked about Android Views . We discovered different kinds of Views, with different controls. Android provides several common controls and using them we can build appealing user interfaces.In this post, we want to explore how we can organize such views and how these views can be placed on the screen. …

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Splash Screen for Android Application

splash screen

Splash screen becomes more popular in android application development.Android developers are using it to make their apps more attractive using different animations. Splash screens are typically still images that fill the screen of a mobile device. On a desktop computer, they can be full screen (such as for an operating …

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All about WordPress Community Blogging 2

If you miss our previous part of the post.Read this All about WordPress Community Blogging 1 Author Authors have much less access than editors. Authors can add and edit their own posts, and manage posts made by their subordinates. However, they can neither edit posts made by other authors, nor manage …

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All about WordPress Community Blogging 1

wordpress community blogging

Many blogs are used in a different way—there may be a single blog or website with a variety of writers, editors, and administrators. This makes the site more like a community project  or even an online magazine. We’ll discuss allowing a blog to have multiple authors with differing levels of …

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Learn All about Android Views


What Is an Android View? Views are the most basic component of the user interface, and they extend the View class. They always occupy a rectangular area (although they can display content of any shape) and can handle both drawing to the screen and events such as being touched. Everything …

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