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BookMyShow Loot-Trick to Book 2 Movie Tickets In Just Rs.50


BookMyShow Trick BookMyShow PLUS1 Loot-Trick to Book 2 Movies Ticket In Just Rs.50 (Freecharge Combo) Hi Guys, Here is Brand New Official Loot For BookMyshow and Freecharge Users as You are Getting 2 Movies Tickets in Just Rs.50 As You already Know That Freecharge is Offering Flat Rs.100 Off on …

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Configuring WordPress


General Settings You can find the general settings through “Settings” > “General” in the left menu. In this screen you can configure the basics of your site setup. Site Title: here you can fill in the title of your site / blog. Tagline: in a few words, explain what your …

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Know WordPress Dashboard

Front end / back end Front end The front end is the part of your blog or website your visitors can see. Back end The Back end is the part where you can log in and manage your blog. This is the CMS (Content Management System) part. Here you can …

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WordPress in 7 easy steps


Before starting to install WordPress, you need a couple of things: A domain name and web hosting WordPress software You can download WordPress for free at wordpress. Step by step installation Step 1: Upload the WordPress software After you downloaded WordPress and unpacked the zip file, you have to upload …

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Android SDK Tools Command-line Accessible

Most of the time, the underlying tools of the Android SDK will be accessed from within the Android Studio environment. That being said, however, there will also be instances where it will be useful to be able to invoke those tools from a command prompt or terminal window. In order …

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Android SDK Package Inastallation

The steps performed so far have installed Java, the Android Studio IDE and the current set of default Android SDK packages. Before proceeding, it is worth taking some time to verify which packages are installed and to install any missing packages. This task can be performed using the Android SDK …

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Android Studio Wizard Setup

The first time that Android Studio is launched after being installed, a dialog will appear providing the option to import settings from a previous Android Studio version. If you have settings from a previous version and would like to import them into the latest installation, select the appropriate option and …

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Getting Ready Android Studio

getting Ready android studio

System Requirements Android application development may be performed on any of the following system types: Windows OS X/macOS Linux OS version Microsoft Windows 10/8/7 (32- or 64-bit) Mac OS X 10.9.5 or higher, up to 10.11.6 (El Capitan) or 10.12.1 (Sierra) GNOME or KDE desktop RAM 3 GB RAM minimum, …

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